22 January 2013

What About the 2012 Applications?


For the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) 2012 was a year filled with records. We connected the 500th IP network to the exchange, we reached 1,000 customer ports and we broke the 2Tbps barrier. Now 2012 has passed, a fourth record can be added to the list. For the first time in history we have received 115 new member and customer applications within one year. In 2011 it was a maximum of 98 new applications.

As connected IP networks are an important tool for measuring the value of an Internet exchange, we have written an article that focuses on the admitted applications of 2012. We’re going into the application’s origin, the type of application - direct or through a partner - and which partner submitted applications.

Most applications (81%) originated from Europe. Second is North America (11%), followed by Asia (5%). The numbers are similar to last year.

Per Continent 2012Applications Per Continent 2011

AMS-IX received most European applications from the Netherlands (20%), United Kingdom (11%) and France (10%). While the Netherlands has always had a significant position in our results, this is not the case with the other two countries. That our British partner IX Reach and French partner Liazo maintain a strong network in their country of origin, and that they were one of our most successful partners in 2012, could be important reasons for the current numbers.

Applications Per Country 2012

For the second time in a row partner Atrato connected the most customers to AMS-IX (30%). IX Reach follows with 21 percent. Our agreement with IX Reach and TelecityGroup to enable direct UK connectivity to the exchange has clearly resulted in many connections for AMS-IX. Liazo has started well. This partner introduced 13 percent of the new customer applications.

Number Of Applications Per Partner 2012

In 2012 close to three quarters of the new applications (72 percent) arrived through a partner. Compared to 2011 this number has increased with 9 percent. Many organisations see it as beneficial to connect to AMS-IX through a partner. By choosing for this option parties get a one-stop shop service (partner provides IP transport, AMS-IX peering port and customer relationship), they can start peering at a lower port capacity (from 100Mbps) and they do not need to have a PoP in one of the AMS-IX’ co-locations.

New Applications Direct Or Partner

For 2013 we plan to grow even further, to a 10 percent worldwide market share of active peering networks. We will continue with adding more value to our exchange by bringing you a robust (business) exchange platform enabling future Internet growth and introducing new services as well improving existing ones.