21 December 2012

AMS-IX Scores Well Across the Board


Final results Member Survey 2012 gives AMS-IX relevant insights about its services and connected networks

Earlier this year we asked our members to complete the member survey and give us their honest opinion about our services, platform and other activities. A growing number of people fill out the survey. This is a good development, because their feedback gives us an idea of what we need to improve and where we can continue in a similar manner.

As in 2011 almost half of the respondents (45%) are thinking about upgrading in the coming year. Most think of a 10GE upgrade or a multiple of this. Currently close to 40 percent already have a 10GE connection or a multiple of 10GEs, 36 percent have 1GE.

All different departments of AMS-IX have scored well. Both sales and marketing have scored close to 4 points out of 5 points. Member relations, including the customer administration, has achieved even the full 4 points out of 5. The Network Operations Team (NOC) has received 8 points out of 10. The quality of the services AMS-IX provides has been also rated positively. The service and platform parameters such as Platform stability and Packet loss on the platform have scored above 4 points out of 5. The MY.AMS-IX customer portal has received close to 4 points.

Ratings Platform Parameters

One of the additional AMS-IX services is the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which covers not only the initial provisioning and daily availability of the port but also the level of performance of key service parameters. Only a small number of the member community declared to be interested in this service (26%). A reason for this low interest could be the high confidence connected parties have in the AMS-IX platform. 

During the survey we also asked the respondents what they have found most important concerning their connection to AMS-IX. Out of eight options the first spot was occupied by the number of parties at AMS-IX (25%), followed by cost savings (16%), quality of service (16%), and neutrality and independence (15%). For half of the respondents their experience of the actual peering at AMS-IX is good to outstanding. Another 46% have stated the experience as adequate. Of these respondents more than half have an open peering policy (59%), and ten percent a restrictive one.

Pie Peering Policy

To the question of whether AMS-IX offers value for money, 90 percent have answered yes. To have an AMS-IX membership is ‘somewhat’ to ‘very much’ important for over half of the respondents (64%). Others don’t want to influence the direction of AMS-IX (28%) or are just interested in being a customer (8%). 

In conclusion, we can say proudly we score well on all aspects. We hope and believe our members and customers will experience the same level of quality or even better in 2013!