12 October 2011

100 Gbps Capacity Ports Starting to Happen at AMS-IX - with Ziggo to be First


Ziggo one of the top leading Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands has become the first network at AMS-IX with a 100Gbps connection built from 10x10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The trend to higher capacity is evident with many networks increasing the number of connected ports at AMS-IX and a visible growth of overall traffic to nearly 1.4Tbps at peak times. (See AMS-IX Traffic Graph)

Abraham de Keizer, Ziggo’s Interconnect Manager added, "We are pleased to take advantage the higher capacity options at AMS-IX, so much in fact that we are planning a second 10x10 Gbit connection at another co-location in a few days"

AMS-IX uses Link Aggregation to make from 10 separate physical 10Gbit interfaces into a single logical 100Gbit interface. The network load is therefore balanced across all links and also provides failover/redundancy as well.

“It is the single biggest capacity link we have at AMS-IX currently and it’s a clear sign of the level of growth at Ziggo” stated AMS-IX Network Engineer Maksym Tulyuk.

In addition to growth of multiple 10GE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports, AMS-IX is testing 100GE port connections with a series of customers, vendors and organizations. AMS-IX stable platform, new service levels agreement, plus their advances to higher capacity 100GE Ports have helped position AMS-IX for future Internet growth and attract twice as many new connected parties from around the globe.