25 February 2016

AMS-IX Scores Well in Annual Member/Customer Survey


Every year we ask our members and customers to complete the annual member/customer survey and give us their honest opinion about our services, platform and other activities. This year’s survey was filled out by 111 respondents and in short we can say that AMS-IX has scored well across the board.

Overall, AMS-IX has been rated an 8.3 out of 10. The service that has received the highest score is our Inter-IPX service (8.9), followed by our GPRS Roaming Exchange (8.7) and Private Interconnects (8.7). Our main and most-used service, the Unicast VLAN service, has scored an 8.6.

The different departments at AMS-IX have scored well too. Like last year, the NOC has received an 8 or higher on all aspects (maintenance announcements, speed of response to requests, quality of response to requests, flexibility of requests). Customer Service has scored an 8.8, followed closely by Sales and Finance (8.5), and Marketing (8.4). 

In 2015 we launched an updated version of our customer service portal My.AMS-IX. It was therefore important to find out how the respondents have been experiencing this new version. It has received above average on all aspects with the highest score for information on My.AMS-IX (8.6) and the lowest score on the ordering processes (7.6).

We also asked the respondents what they have found most important concerning their connection to AMS-IX. Out of eleven options the first spot was occupied by the number of connected parties (21%), followed by reliability of the platform (17%), number of routes (13%), and cost-effectiveness (12%). To have an AMS-IX membership is ‘somewhat’ to ‘very much’ important for over half of the respondents (64%). Others don’t want to influence the direction of AMS-IX (28%) or are just interested in being a customer (8%).

2015 Member Survey Graph1

A new question we included in this year’s survey was how they would rate AMS-IX in comparison to other Internet Exchanges. AMS-IX has received an 8.3.

To have an AMS-IX membership is valuable for over half of the respondents (73%). Of this group 52% does not vote, while 21% does. 

In conclusion, we can say proudly we score well on all aspects. We hope and believe our members and customers will experience the same level of quality or even better in 2016!