26 January 2016

AMS-IX & Megaport: A Partnership for Next-Level Interconnection Services


On January 14th, AMS-IX and Megaport announced that they signed an alliance agreement. Both parties are connecting fabrics and partnering in metros where they have common footprints. The cloud interconnection service of Megaport will be available at the AMS-IX Internet Exchanges, while Megaport will offer the AMS-IX Internet Exchange (“peering”) service on their platform in markets where AMS-IX does not have a presence yet. The value of this partnership for AMS-IX members/customers? COO Mark Cooper clarifies it by answering five frequently asked questions. 

What does the agreement mean for members and/or customers of AMS-IX?

“Our goal is that when people require a cloud interconnection, they think of Megaport. And when people require a peering connection, they think of AMS-IX. With this partnership we are bringing these services together and therefore, AMS-IX customers are able to increase both their reach but also access to a new set of services.” 

 Why have you entered into an agreement with Megaport?

“There are two primary reasons why we selected Megaport, a layer 2 elastic connectivity platform, to be our new partner. First of all, the two companies share very similar cultures and strategic directions. Many of our management team members have dealt with the Megaport management team in the past. This results in a high degree of trust between the two companies.

Secondly, Megaport has developed a unique service offering. Megaport makes it easier for the network and cloud platforms to interconnect with each other. Their platform gives access to Microsoft, Amazon and Google for example. Besides that, I am impressed by their level of automatization and flexibility around service management and provisioning. Through either their web portal or their iPhone app you can order, upgrade or downgrade extremely easily. Once you are a customer, you can manage this yourself without the need for the traditional email and document exchanges. I haven’t seen any other party that has the same offer yet. There's a lot of interest for the Megaport model, where they may have some competition on features but not in terms of the overall capabilities of the platform”. 

How does the connection of both fabrics work?

“AMS-IX operates its own platform and Megaport operates its own platform. Both platforms are built upon the same underlying technology. This agreement is about establishing physical connections between the AMS-IX and Megaport platforms. This means that any of the services offered by Megaport are available on the AMS-IX platform and also vice versa. For example if you are an AMS-IX customer and you want to order a Megaport connection to Microsoft, you will be able to do this via the AMS-IX portal and the service will be delivered over your existing connection.” 

How does this partnership contribute to the AMS-IX strategy?

“We are now able to expand the AMS-IX peering service into markets where AMS-IX is not physically present and Megaport is. We will be able to leverage our investment in staff and management tools by offering the AMS-IX peering service on Megaport’s platforms.

When will the services become available for AMS-IX members/customers?

“We plan to offer the Megaport services within two months, starting with the U.S. cities San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago as well as Hong Kong. More metros will follow later in 2016.”