04 December 2015

Sylvie LaPerrière of Google Reappointed to Second Term on the AMS-IX Board


Sylvie LaPerrière, Manager Interconnection and Network Content Distribution at Google, has now entered her second three-year term as a member of the AMS-IX Executive Board. Members of the AMS-IX Association have re-elected Sylvie at the 43rd General Meeting today.

In a first reaction on her re-election, she says: “I am grateful for the vote of confidence and being re-elected to the AMS-IX Board. I want AMS-IX the be the best Internet Exchange in the world when it comes to value for connectivity and ease of conducting business with an Internet Exchange. I want all our expansions to flourish and rise to their full potential. The global interconnect market is changing and we, AMS-IX, want to lead that transformation. It will be an exciting 3 years and I am up for the challenge”.

The peering and interconnection world, in which AMS-IX plays an important role, has been very familiar to Sylvie for the past 20 years. She is a strategic negotiator of Google’s global interconnection team which manages the network edge and content delivery programs. In her former position at Tata Communications and Teleglobe she gained global experience in developing peering partnerships and negotiating commercial agreements with telecom and Internet operators. She gives back to the Internet community by serving on the boards of AMS-IX, the Montreal Internet Exchange, CANARIE Inc, Prompt Inc. and TechnoMontreal.