27 December 2013

Open-IX Dialogue in New York


Earlier this month, AMS-IX’s CCO Mark Cooper was in New York City to not only raise the profile of AMS-IX New York but also to clarify to different market groups what the Open-IX initiative is. During his participation in the Data Center Panel, organised by JNK Securities for the data centre investment market, Mark found out that Open-IX was still unclear to people with a financial background. Two examples of questions raised during the panel discussion were is Open-IX an Internet Exchange and does it have an impact on cross connects in data centres. Together with Hunter Newby from 325 Hudson, George Cornachini from Digital Realty Trust, Inc. and Vincent Rais from EvoSwitch, Mark explained that the Open-IX initiative has been formed to improve the interconnection model in the United States, making it less complex and more secure and resilient.

Open-IX was also a hot topic during BWGStrategy's Data Center roundtable, attended by a mixture of technology and invest community executives from companies including NYSE, UBS, Digital Realty Trust, Inc. and TW Telecom. During the roundtable Mark discussed the peering model and the reasons for AMS-IX to go to the United States. The main focus of the discussion raised during the roundtable were the possible impact on organisations looking to optimise their connectivity and their future requirements from data centre operators.

The Open-IX website is now live. Check it out if you would like to know more about this initiative.