25 November 2013

Gaming Asks for Connectivity


The online gaming industry is booming. How do we know? By the impressive data traffic growth figures we see at our platforms. As the world's largest Internet Exchange, we welcome more and more gaming (related) companies every year. These companies exchange large volumes of data. Connectivity is obviously key for the future of gaming!

Gaming on smartphones, tablets and social channels has exploded and game development companies respond to the increased importance of Internet connection by taking control of the complete gaming supply chain. They not only develop, produce and publish their games, but they also start to play a role in the maintenance of the Internet infrastructure on which these games depend. Online games need to be fast and available every second of the day. Game developers, managed hosting providers and online gaming platforms are all investing in Internet interconnectivity so that they can take a share in the ever-growing online gaming market.

Gaming companies want to make sure that they can offer a more predictable quality of service. Managing the infrastructure inhouse not only helps in optimizing availability, but also leads to a shorter decision-making process and faster implementation of games. What we see is that gaming companies are starting to embrace Internet Exchanges to make IP peering easier and to broaden their market. Companies like Wargaming, i3D.net, Gameforge.com, Trion Worlds and Nforce are already connected to AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) and more parties will follow in the upcoming months.

Why are all these parties connecting to an Internet Exchange? Connecting to a global Internet hub first of all is the most cost-efficient way to reach other Internet companies. Gamers connect to different ISPs or telecom companies to play online. For online game providers, an Internet Exchange is the easiest way to connect with all these companies. At AMS-IX Amsterdam, over 600 networks share IP traffic, with a peak of more than 2.5 Terabit per second, reaching the most international mix of connected networks. Another advantage is that AMS-IX is introducing new services and technological improvements continuously, making sure that sufficient bandwidth and speed is available at all time and all platforms (including mobile) are supported. Located at the ports of Europe (Amsterdam), Asia (Hong Kong) and the US (New York), AMS-IX is an important landing platform for Internet related companies who are serving your gamers.

AMS-IX will be present at GameConnection in Paris on December 3. If you want to discuss what we can do for your game, drop us a note!

Mark Cooper