18 November 2013

AMS-IX appoints Mark Cooper as Chief Commercial Officer


Mark Cooper replaces Cara Mascini, who is now Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Cooper (44) has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). He took over the position from Cara Mascini (43), who fulfilled this role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the past 10 years. Cara Mascini has started a new challenge as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at AMS-IX.

As CSO, Cara Mascini is responsible for the long-term strategy development, creating the strategic context, stakeholder management, strategic relations, organisational development and company culture. With the recent international expansions, the need for more strategic context was growing to make sure the organization develops according to the objectives that are set for a longer term and the strategy is executed accordingly.

Before joining AMS-IX, Mark Cooper was Director Strategy & Marketing at Interxion within the Network Service Provider and Content Delivery Network division. Prior to Interxion, Mark Cooper was employed by KPN International in the role of Product Manager and before that by KPNQwest in the role of Product Marketing Manager. As the new CCO of AMS-IX, Mark Cooper is responsible for the management and further development of marketing, sales, business development and customer relations within AMS-IX.

“I feel AMS-IX is the absolute leader in the field of Internet Exchanges”, said Mark Cooper. “This role offers me the opportunity to join an organization with a focus on expansion into new international markets. This function allows me to further develop my experience of team management and leadership, particularly in the area of marketing.”

“After 10 years of building the commercial operation, it was time for a new role and challenge. With Mark Cooper, AMS-IX has found an excellent successor, because he has an excellent track record in the areas of marketing and business development”, said Cara Mascini. “Typically in a fast growing and technical high performance oriented environment, there is less attention for long term and organisational development. So I decided that will be my challenge from hereon.”