09 September 2013

AMS-IX CTO Appointed as Chairman of the Open-IX IXP Standards Committee


Henk Steenman to help define technical standards for Internet exchange setup in the US

The Open-IX Board has appointed Henk Steenman, CTO of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), as the chairman of its IXP standards committee. Steenman will be responsible for helping to define the technical standards for the creation of new Internet exchanges across the US.

As one of the founders of AMS-IX, Steenman has a wealth of experience in the setup of Internet exchanges. The Open-IX community would like to replicate the technical standards used in Amsterdam for the new Internet exchanges being built across markets in the US.

Open-IX is an initiative founded by representatives from content providers, telecom operators and other Internet industry experts, such as datacenters. It aims to encourage the development of neutral and distributed Internet exchanges and reduce IP interconnect complexity and cost in the US. In the US this is more complicated and higher priced than in Europe, where the neutral and distributed Internet exchange model is common. Now Open-IX has formed the Open-IX IXP standards committee with the sole purpose of defining the technical standards for Internet exchanges and datacenters. These will form a benchmark against which the Open-IX community can endorse Internet exchange operators.

"We are proud that Henk Steenman has been appointed chair of the Open-IX IXP standards committee,” explained Job Witteman, CEO at AMS-IX. “By sharing our knowledge of the engineering side he can effectively contribute to the transformation of the US Internet exchange industry."

David Temkin, Co-founder of Open-IX and Director of Network Architecture at Netflix added: "We are extremely pleased with the choice of Henk Steenman as chairman of the Open-IX IXP standards committee. We feel that his experience is well suited to our strategy and mission.”

AMS-IX is in the process of being endorsed by the Open-IX community for deployment of several exchanges in the US.

Witteman added: "The opportunity to be part of the Open-IX community fits with our strategy to build Internet exchanges in hub locations around the world. AMS-IX has already built IXs in the Caribbean on Curaçao (Dutch Kingdom) and in Hong Kong."

AMS-IX is fully committed to the US Open-IX community and will adhere to the standards set by Open-IX.

Henk Steenman commented: “I'm honoured to be asked to spearhead the development of the technical standards for the Open-IX exchanges. It is the ultimate compliment to be elected by your customers and peers."

He continued: "AMS-IX will make no announcements prior to the endorsement process commencing, because this defies the proposed community model. We will be encouraging the Open-IX community and our members to share their feedback on our endorsement proposal. This will enable us to further perfect our deployment. We believe that this is an effective way to increase the level of success and it will help reduce the investment risk for AMS-IX as a not-for-profit organization."