24 July 2012

The 500th Connected IP Network is a Fact


Today the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) added the 500th unique IP network to the exchange. Never before has AMS-IX or any other Internet exchange interconnected this many networks.

The number of connected networks is an important factor in defining the value of an Internet exchange. The more interconnected networks, also called peers, the more existing parties and newcomers benefit from the exchange of IP traffic. Not only because of the large diversity and origin of the vast amount of traffic, but also increasing network performance and redundancy. Organizations that are part of the AMS-IX peering community are ISPs, cloud & hosting companies, mobile and content providers, telecom carriers, VoIP, gaming and social media networks.

Among the ISPs is also the 500th connected IP network. As from today cable television and broadband Internet service provider Serbia Broadband (SBB) is able to peer with any of the other networks that are connected to AMS-IX. Dragica Pilipovic Chaffey, CEO of SBB, said: “As a member company of the largest regional telecommunications group in the Balkans, we are happy to interconnect with the biggest ISP community in Europe. And being number “500” makes it even more exciting. Reaching premium customer experience at reasonable cost is a clear benefit of joining AMS-IX for all stakeholders of SBB.”

Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX, says: “To have 500 networks connected to AMS-IX is a true milestone in the history of the exchange. Next to the continuous state of the art performance of the exchange platform, the large growth over the last 18 months is mostly due to the efforts of our sales team and the recent Reseller partner program. Thanks to this program, our partners already connected 98 customers to AMS-IX.”

To know which 500 networks are part of the AMS-IX community go to: http://www.ams-ix.net/connected