Relevant Links & Documents

The following documents and links are useful in case you consider to connect to AMS-IX Chicago.

Before connecting: the selection process
When you are in the process of selecting an Internet Exchange to connect to, both the ARIN website and Peering DB are very useful tools. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. PeeringDB is a database setup by the peering community for easy access to peering information of networks (the networks themselves provide the data on where they peer), what peering policy they have, traffic levels, etc.

ARIN website


During the connection process

When you have sent in your Application Form and need quick access to relevant documents or links, the sources below can be helpful:

For an overview of the benefits, pricing and technical features of AMS-IX Chicago please download below flyer: