Step 4. Connection Process

After completing and submitting the AMS-IX Chicago Application Form the following will happen:

  1. The AMS-IX USA Connection Agreement will be sent to you in .pdf by email. Two copies of the document must be printed and signed by the contractual contact person (CCP), and then sent back to before its expiration date.
    Note: An unsigned Connection Agreement expires two months after being drawn up.
    In case you want to join the AMS-IX Association you will also receive the AMS-IX USA Membership Application for signature.
  2. Upon timely receipt of the signed Connection Agreement, you will receive a countersigned copy of the document. AMS-IX USA will start the process of assigning/configuring a port for you (reservation is done earlier in the process, but subject to change).
  3. On your envisioned assignment date* or within 3 working days your technical contact person (TCP) will be contacted by our engineers with the details of the assigned port. (Please inform if the envisioned date of connection should be changed.) You will receive information regarding your port number, your IP number, FQDN and other matters of importance concerning your port configuration.
    *Assignment date: the date when AMS-IX Chicago communicates the connection details to the customer. This date can be specified in the application form (the envisioned assignment date), it will be honoured by us as much as possible.
  4. Your port will initially be placed in an Quarantine VLAN.
    At this time you are able to physically install/configure your router and other equipment at your chosen housing location(s). You should then contact your chosen housing location(s) with this information and ask them to finalise the cabling and verify Layer 1 connectivity.
    Once this is done you can contact the AMS-IX NOC on +31 (20) 514 17 17 or (quoting your 'project number') and ask them to bring the interface into the appropriate production VLAN. You are now live!!!
  5. The port price shall be periodically invoiced and shall be due from the production date**, with a maximum of 30 days after the assignment date.
    ** Production date: the date AMS-IX Chicago defines the connection in production in consultation with customer.
  6. You are invited to set up peering with AMS-IX Chicago on AS62981, see the AS62981 peering page for more information.
  7. At this stage you are able to set up peering with other connected parties. Look at the list of connected networks for details on their peering policies and contact details.