Step 1. Requirements & Conditions

There is a number of requirements and conditions that all future customers have to comply with before connecting to the AMS-IX Chicago peering platform:

  1. You must represent a recognised legal entity (a company).
  2. Your network must have an ASN (Autonomous System Number) - The applicants network must have its own ASN assigned by a Local Internet Registry or a Regional Internet Registry, being either ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE-NCC or APNIC. During the application process this assignment is checked.
  3. The primary function of your business (unit) must be Internet related - The URL you provide during the application should provide the proof of the Internet business activity you are in. 
  4. You must have the intention to and be willing to sign the AMS-IX USA Connection Agreement

In case you also apply for the membership of the AMS-IX Association you will be provided with the AMS-IX Membership Application. As a member you need to read and accept the AMS-IX Articles of Association, are permitted to vote on policy issues and expected to attend AMS-IX general meetings (held in Amsterdam twice a year).

  • You must have an agreement with the colocation or in the case of a remote connection a party who is known to the chosen colocation provider.
  • You must either arrange a contract with the colocation of your choice to place equipment locally or if your equipment is physically located at another location you will need to use a third party with connection services to (one of) the AMS-IX Chicago colocation(s). In the case of a third party (or your carrier), they must have an agreement with the data center/colocation for connecting and arranging local cross connects at their site. However please note that it is your responsibility to make sure the third party orders the local cross connect to the AMS-IX patch panel on your behalf. 

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In case you have any questions during the application process please contact us at: