Cross Connect Instruction CME Chicago

Cross Connect Instruction at the CME Cermak Hosting Facility

AMS-IX Chicago's demarcation point is at the CME Cermak hosting facility (1st floor) at 350 East Cermak Rd in Chicago.

If your equipment is housed on the same floor as where AMS-IX Chicago's infrastructure is located, you can order a cross connect directly between your equipment and the equipment of AMS-IX Chicago.

If your equipment is located in another data center facility at 350 East Cermak Rd in Chicago, AMS-IX first needs to request an extended cross connect to this facility. After you having received the exact patch position within this facility from AMS-IX, you need to arrange a cross connect from this patch position to your equipment.

The data center facilities at 350 East Cermak Rd that require extended cross connects are:

  • Equinix (5th floor) 
  • CenturyLink (4th floor)
  • Telx (2nd floor)

Patching Instruction Chicago