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Physical Presence

The AMS-IX Chicago infrastructure is currently housed in three data centers with a secure and controlled environment.  

The colocation facility itself is independent of AMS-IX Chicago and therefore any issues regarding the housing of equipment at this site needs to be directed towards the colocation management directly. Note that you must have an agreement with a colocation facility before you can connect to the AMS-IX Chicago network. 

Important: If you select the CME Cermak Hosting Facility to connect to AMS-IX Chicago please first read the cross connection instruction. 

Cme Coresite Logo Digital Realty Logo
350 East Cermak, Suite #120
Chicago, IL
Coresite CH1
427 S La Salle St #100
Chicago, IL
Digital Realty Chicago  
2200 Busse Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL

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Connect via Megaport

You can also reach AMS-IX Chicago from any Megaport-enabled location. Megaport offers the AMS-IX peering service in the following data centers:

Digital Realty CHI1
350 East Cermak Road
Chicago, IL
Digital Realty CHI2
600 S Federal Street
Chicago, IL
Equinix CH1/CH2
350 East Cermak Road
Chicago, IL

To order an AMS-IX peering service via Megaport:

  1. Sign up for an account / Sign in at
  2. Create a megaport in one of the locations already enabled
  3. Add a virtual cross connect to AMS-IX and have that deployed in 59 seconds

To see this in action visit for a detailed video walkthrough.

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Connect via PacketFabric

You can access AMS-IX peering services via 130+ PacketFabric locations in the US.

To connect via PacketFabric:

1. Sign up for / Sign in at PacketFabric portal
2. Order AMS-IX US peering services
3. You will be redirected to our customer portal where you can complete your order form 
4. After provisioning, you will be ready to peer at AMS-IX US