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AMS-IX Chicago Enables Rackspace to Enhance Interconnectivity and Lower Costs at DuPont Fabros Technology’s CH2 Data Center

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) have an integral role in online infrastructure, providing enhanced efficiency, improved network performance, increased redundancy and reduced network costs. To further enhance connectivity to surrounding Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunications carriers, content providers and hosting companies, the DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) CH2 data center located in the greater Chicago metro area partnered with Internet Exchange AMS-IX Chicago, to deliver first-rate peering services.

In an attempt to connect its East and West Coast networks, Rackspace, a managed cloud provider, established its Midwest hub in downtown Chicago at the DFT CH2 data center, providing them cost-effective and scalable colocation space with a range of connectivity options, as well as the ability to interconnect with multiple parties through available AMS-IX peering services.

This case study examines how Rackspace utilized AMS-IX Chicago’s peering services at the DFT CH2 data center to obtain affordable, effective and direct interconnectivity to a host of networks.

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